Documents Required In Education Loan – [2022] How To Apply Education Loan Best Way

In today’s time, we have many such things that we cannot do without money, in the same way, studying is as difficult a task as all those things, then we would have told you. It is said that we cannot do studies without money and if you want to take money for studies, then how can you take it, then you have reached our article right, today we will tell you many things that you can take money for studies. how can i take

 When we have studied up to class 10 or 12, then after that we need a degree, to take that degree, if our family is not able to pursue us, then we can take a loan from the bank and we can take that kernel. After getting the job, we return the money to that bank, today we will do all those things which will help you to take education loan, you stay in our article till the last and know all the things that you need to know about education. help with loan 

If you also want to take a loan on education or for studies, then you have to know before that what is education loan, what documents will we need in it and what should be our strange reality and in how much time we will get it back. It is very important for you to know when the bank or any government organization will give you money, so now we will tell you all the things that will be useful for you to take education loan. how to apply education loan

How To Take Education Loan From Bank 2022

Education loan Kaise le | How to apply education loan – Most of us discuss what is education loan, after that we will know many more parts of it, so when we pass 10 or 12 class, after that we have many degrees to get a job. and we all know it costs a lot of money to get even a 1st degree

So there are many students whose parents are not able to help them or they are from a medium family who want to study but their parents are not able to teach them, due to this they have to leave their studies. is

 But a very good arrangement has been made here, which is how we get loan, one of them is education loan. In education loan, we can ask for money from the bank for our studies and we can return them in installments. The money that the bank gives us for studying, we can call it education loan.

What are the types of education loan – Education loan type

Generally there are 4 types of Education Loans in India (Education Loan Types)-

1- Career Education Loan – When someone wants to make a career by studying from a government college or institute, then he can take Career Education Loan.

2- Professional Graduate Education Loan (Professional Graduate Student Loan) – Professional Graduate Education Loan can be taken to continue studies after completing graduation.

3- Parents Loan – When guardians take a loan from any bank or institution to complete their child’s education, it is called Parents Loan.

4- Undergraduate Loan – After completing schooling, an undergraduate loan is taken to pursue graduation in the country and abroad.


Who will get education loan 

Education loan Kaise le | How to apply education loan – Education loan taker is a student but the applicant also has the name of his parents or guardian, the applicant must be an Indian citizen, wants to study in India or wants to study abroad If so, only both the students can get the loan.


How much loan do you get

When we take home education loan for study, then how much money does the bank give us, then when we study in our country, the bank gives us 10 to 1500000 rupees for study, but if we do not study by staying in our country If we want to do it or we are not getting that degree, then we have to go to the country because of this too, then the bank gives us at least ₹ 2000000.


 Which documents are necessary in education loan? Documents for taking Education Loan – Education loan document

  • PAN Card and Aadhar Card and Password or Voter ID Card, any one document that can be used as KYC
  •  Student has 10 to 12 class marksheet and if he has done his graduation then his GRI should be TFL IELTS
  •  3 Months Pencil One 6 Months Bank Statement and Form 16 if the candidate is a working professional 
  • Business Proof Bank Statement
  •  And one passport size photograph of education
  • >Age proof
  • >Passport size photograph
  • >Marksheet
  • >Bank passbook
  • >ID proof
  • >Address proof
  • >Course details
  • >Parents and Student’s PAN card and Aadhar card
  • >Proof of parent’s income (Parents income proof)

How To Take Education Loan – How To Apply Education Loan

Education loan Kaise le | How to Apply Education Loan – It is very easy to take education loan, you just have to follow few steps and you can go to your nearest bank to know in detail about education loan and complete the process of applying education loan. can 

  1. 1- First of all select the bank or institution.
  2. Then get all the information about StudentLoan .
  3. Understand well the education loan interest rate given by the bank .
  4. Follow all the rules being told by the bank.
  5. When both the bank and you are sure, then apply for the loan

Education loan interest rate – Education loan interest rate 

Education loan Kaise le | How to apply education loan – Education loan has a very cheap interest rate instead of personal loan, the interest rate is determined by the bank on the basis of our educational institutions and it is 7 to 12 percent. 

Education loan repayment – ​​Educational loan Wapas kaise kare

It is very important for us to know this because the money we take inside it has to be returned, so now we tell you when the education loan has to be returned, we have taken money for some degree or happiness job. 

So after getting that job, the bank gives us 6 months time and if we do not get a job or are not able to pass that degree, then the bank can give us 6 months to 1 year and if more than that If we want time, then we also get payment time for 2 years. 

Education  loan repayment usually starts when the student completes the course. Every bank has different standards for this period, on the basis of which they decide how much time should be given to the student to repay the loan.

What are the benefits of taking education loan

  • After the completion of the course we want to do, we have to return the money to the bank.
  •  With this, the tuition fee of the study we want to study is our uniform or we can afford the hostel expenses.
  •  Banks give us loans up to 90% of the time we apply for our degree.
  •  And on its interest, we get the benefit of income tax.
  •  We have to make repayment only after the completion of the course
  •  Your civil score remains good even after paying the loan on time, so that you remain confident of the loan in the coming time.


Can education loan be waived

Yes education loan can be waived but to do this you have to go to the bank from which you have taken loan and you will have to prove all that you are not able to give land loan, you will have to come to some ideal 

That your financial condition is very weak and due to some reason you cannot return the money to the bank and you can also say that the degree for which I had taken money was not completed or the job you took money to get Was 

He was not engaged in the job, because of this you may not have to return the money to the bank, before that you will have to do paperwork in the bank so that your education loan can be waived.

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