How To Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo App

How To Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo App –

What is Winzo App, How to Create Winzo App Account . How To Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo App – Best Trick Today it is very easy to earn money sitting at home.

Winzo app is a game app, who does not like to play games in today’s time, people play games for entertainment, but in winzo app we can earn money by playing games in entertainment, more than 70 games in winzo app Let’s know how to earn money by playing games on Winzo app – in today’s time people are earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home and giving opportunity to others to earn. 

 There are thousands of such companies in the market that give you work-from-home and or there are many such applications that give you money to do some work, friends, you know that there are many games available on the Internet, which claim Online Paise Kamane. does. On which only our time is wasted and nothing else. But there are some games where you can win Real Cash Money by playing. One of them is “WinZo Game App” where you can earn real cash money. – What is Winzo App, How to Create Winzo App Account . How To Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo App – Best Trick 

What Is WinZo App

WinZo App is an Indian mobile gaming platform in which you get more than 70 games in 12 different languages. By playing whom, you can transfer your Winning Prize to Paytm, UPI, Bank Account.

In Winzo App you get to play popular games like Freefire, Fruit Samurai, Metro Surfer, Ludo, Freestyle Carrom, Pool, etc. And you have to earn money by playing these games according to the rules.

There are many types of gaming contests going on in WinZo App. You can participate in your favorite game. If you play well and your luck is good then you can win lakhs of rupees.

You can easily transfer the money earned in Winjo Game to your bank account. If you do not want to transfer to the bank account, then you can transfer these money to Paytm and UPI ID

Who is the owner of WinZo App? 

WinZo Game was founded in the year 2016 by Pawan Nanda and Soumya Singh Rathore. Its headquarter is located in New Delhi. And today this app is India’s first and largest Real Money Mobile Gaming Platform.

Currently, this app is being used by more than 50 million users and in terms of customer reviews, so far 4.3K people have rated 4.5/5 on this app. – What is winzo app, how to create winzo app account, how to earn money by playing games in winzo app

How to play Winzo game  

  • To play Winzo Game, you have to first install WinZo App in your mobile.
  •   After that you have to create an account. After this you get to see more than 70 games here in the Winzo app.
  • And you can earn money by playing your favorite game, the place where you have more information, in which game you are expert.
  •  If you come in the 1st rank by participating in the game by investing a little money in it, then you can earn lakhs of rupees.

How To Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo App 

Worldwar Game is played with a team. To participate in this, you must have at least 2,5,10 rupees in your wallet. 

Only then you can join this game. And can play the game. If your team wins the game, then the winning amount is distributed among all the team members.

Earn Money by Playing Fantasy Games in WinZo App –

There are mainly two types in fantasy game cricket and football. In which you have to make your own team like Dream11, My Circle 11, etc. By making a team, we can play the game and earn money.

You can transfer the winning prize money in this game to the bank account.

Earn Money Playing Worldwar in WinZo App

 In this you will see all the contests running on the Winzo App. If you want to participate in the contest, then you can participate in these contests by adding 2, 5, 10 rupees to your Winzo Wallet. And according to the rules, you can win a lot of prize money in the contest of the game.

How To Deposit Money With WinZo App 

Money is needed to play WinZo Game. Read these tips to deposit money in your WinZo App-


  • First click on Wallet option.
  •   After that click on Add Money.
  • After this, enter the amount you want to add.
  • Now add money by clicking on Pay with Paytm option.

How To Withdraw Money From WinZo App 

Read the following tips to withdraw your Winning Prize from WinZo Game-

  • First of all open WinZo App.
  • After this, open the option of Winzo Wallet.
  • Now click on Withdrawal option.
  • You can withdraw money from WinZo app in three ways. Like- Paytm, UPI, Bank Account. Etcetera
  • Choose any one method according to your convenience and click on Withdraw by entering the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Withdraw money in no time
  •  Your money will be transferred to your account


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