How to earn money from mobile in 2022

In this article, we will tell you about Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye sitting at home in 2022 . Because today everyone wants to earn money but how from mobile? So know that you will know in detail about how to earn money from mobile .

About 80% of the population in India uses mobiles. But there are only 10% of them who know how to earn money online. There are only a few of these people who are earning thousands of a month sitting at home from mobile.

Today everyone wants to earn money and also work hard for it. But still our needs are not met. But if we tell you that you can earn money from mobile sitting at home in free time. Yes, you can earn money by investing some time through your mobile.

It does not require you to have any special skills or qualifications. However, earning money online is not that easy due to the increasing competition. But the growing world of internet has opened up ways to earn money sitting at home.

In such a situation, if you are unemployed, student or want to earn some extra money with your job, then you can earn thousands of rupees everyday through your simple smartphone. But earning money is not an easy task for everyone. Well, today there are many ways to earn money from mobile sitting at home, through which you can earn money.

Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye in 2022

Today anyone can easily earn money from his mobile by staying in the village. All you need is a good internet connection and mobile. There are many people who are making good income from mobile by working just a few hours. If you can do this then why can’t you?

If you are also thinking of earning money from your mobile sitting at home, then you can complete it through internet. For this you only have to be online.

Earning money from mobile is easy. If you want to earn more money in less time then you have to give some time. Although you will find many ways to earn money, but finding a right way is a bit difficult.

Here we will tell you the only ways to earn from which people are making good income today. With these methods, you too can easily make a good income. So let’s know about the real 8 ways to earn money online mobile…

ways to earn money from mobile earning every month
earn from youtube 5000 – 10000 months
earn from instagram 20000 – 30000 months
by survey 2000 – 5000 months
playing games 10000 – 25000 months
Refer program 5000 – 10000 months
by blogging 10000 – 30000 months
selling photos 20000 – 30000 months
Google Map 10,000- 25000 months

ways to earn money from mobile from home

1. Earn from YouTube

Video content has grown tremendously in recent years. There will be hardly anyone who does not watch the video. In today’s time people like to watch videos most of the time. In such a situation, many people are also earning big money through video content. If you have a mobile then you too can earn good money sitting at home by making videos.

Making videos can be a good way to earn money sitting at home. YouTube is the best platform for videos. Today many people are earning in lakhs by making YouTube videos from mobile.

YouTube is the first way to earn money from mobile. All you have to do is create your own YouTube channel. After this the video will have to be uploaded daily. When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours on your channel then you will be able to earn money.

3. Make Money With Instagram

Instagram is quite popular in India and Instagram app is also available in most of the people’s smartphones. Anyone can easily post their own videos on Instagram as well as watch others’ videos as well. But do you know that you can earn money from Instagram through mobile.

Yes, thousands of rupees can be earned every month on Instagram. However, to earn money from Instagram, some important tips have to be followed. If you have good knowledge about Instagram, then Instagram can prove to be a good way for you to earn money from a good mobile sitting at home.

To earn on Instagram from mobile, you must have good followers. Meaning the number of your real followers should be 1,000 or more. After this you have to enter REELS video, work post etc. After this you can try ways to earn money from Instagram.

4. Earn money from blogging

Blogging is also very much discussed today. If you don’t like making videos then you can write. Yes, you will get paid for writing. Blogging is the only way where you can earn money by writing. It is necessary to have skills to do blogging from mobile.

If you have good knowledge about any subject then you can write it. To earn from blogging, you have to create a blog. To start a blog, you have to buy hosting, theme and domain. But you can start a blog without spending any money.

You can create a blog like and start working on it by creating your own free blog on . Money comes in blogging according to the traffic.

When good traffic starts coming to your blog then you can apply for Google Adsense. Apart from this, you can sell a product through a blog and earn money. This is another right way to earn money from mobile.

5. Earn by playing games

If you like to play games then you can earn money by playing games. There are some sites and apps that pay for playing games. Today many people are earning money just by playing games on mobile.

These include SkillClass, Winzo, Bigcash and Gamezy apps. On these apps you can play games like cricket, car racing, fruit cut, bubble shooter, ludo, carrom etc. You can win money by playing games on these gaming apps. Apart from these, you can also earn money by sharing these apps with your friends.

You can transfer the money you win from these apps to Paytm Wallet and your Bank Account. Download now to earn free Rs 100 cash from these apps.

6. Earn by doing surveys

In today’s time, there are many such Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Apps on the Internet which give money for giving their opinion or ideas. Yes, if you want to earn money while roaming, then you can earn extra income by doing surveys from mobile.

To earn money by doing surveys, you should have good knowledge because in the survey you have to answer some questions. Google Opinion Reward, Google Task Mate, Primise and ySense are popular apps to earn money from surveys.

You can earn up to 10 thousand a month from these survey apps. You can download them from Google Play Store.

7. Earn Money by Referring

This is an easy way to earn money by referring a mobile. Today there are many people who are earning money just by referring their friends. Because today there are many such mobile apps which give up to 500 rupees for downloading someone from their link.

These include Bigcash, Upstox, Coinswitch and Coindcx apps. You can earn 1000 per day by referring these mobile apps to your friends.

8. Earn money from mobile by selling photos

If you are fond of taking photos then you can earn money from your photos. You can upload and sell your photo collection on the Foap app. This can be done through the Foap Market on This company sends and sells the photos taken by you to its partners like Getty Images. Here you can create your portfolio. You can get cash through PayPal for whatever photos you have taken.

9. Earn Money With Google Maps

If you say that you can earn 25 thousand a month from Google Maps, then how would you feel. Yes, it’s true. If you know how to use Google Maps well, then you can earn money by getting people’s business verified. This can be one of the best way for you to earn money from mobile.

To earn from Google Maps, you must first find such businesses on Google which are listed but not verified yet. All you have to do is help verify the unverified business on Google Maps. For this, you have to send an email to the owners of the business, whose business has not been verified yet. In which you will explain to the business owner how you can verify your business on Google Maps. With this you can take money from them.

last word

We hope that the methods of earning money from mobile mentioned by us will be beneficial for you. And it will be easy for you to decide from this informative post that how you can easily earn money from your mobile just sitting at home and fulfill your dreams.

Share this post i.e. Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye  among your friends in 2022 sitting at home so that any of your friends need money and want to earn money, then all these ways to earn money from mobile. Can earn This will also help them and they will not have to spend money on interest from anyone.

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